How to Properly Store Your Makeup

Storing makeup can be a challenge, especially if you have a large collection. Proper storage is essential to keep your makeup products safe and in good condition. In this blog, we will discuss some tips on how to properly store your makeup. If you want to learn more such important know-hows about makeup, then you must visit the Top Makeup Artist in Ludhiana.

Keep it in a cool, dry place
Makeup products should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause makeup to deteriorate and lose its effectiveness. Heat can also cause makeup to melt and change consistency. A cool, dry place like a drawer or cupboard is the best option.

Use a makeup organizer
Using a makeup organizer can help you keep your makeup products in order and easily accessible. You can find makeup organizers in different sizes and shapes, from small trays to large cases. Choose an organizer that suits your needs and fits your makeup collection.

Keep brushes clean and organized
Makeup brushes should be cleaned regularly to avoid bacteria buildup. After cleaning, let them dry completely before storing them. You can use a brush holder or a small vase to keep your brushes organized and upright.

Use airtight containers
Some makeup products, like liquid foundation and lipsticks, can dry out if exposed to air. To prevent this, store them in airtight containers. You can use small jars or containers with a tight-fitting lid for this purpose.

Label your products
Labeling your makeup products can help you keep track of their expiration dates. Most makeup products have a symbol indicating the shelf life after opening. It’s important to follow these guidelines to avoid using expired makeup, which can cause skin irritation or infection. You can look for the Best Makeup Studio in Ludhiana to learn all about numerous makeup products.

Travel with care
When traveling with makeup, make sure to keep it in a separate bag or case. This will prevent it from getting damaged or crushed. You can also use travel-sized containers or buy travel-friendly makeup products to save space.

In conclusion, proper storage is essential to keep your makeup products in good condition and avoid contamination. By following these tips, you can maintain the quality of your makeup collection and enjoy using it for a long time.

DIY Tips for Indian Brides

Weddings in India are a grand affair, and the bride is the center of attention. The bride’s makeup plays a crucial role in enhancing her beauty and making her look stunning on her big day. While some brides may opt for professional makeup artists, others prefer to do their makeup themselves. If you’re a bride-to-be who’s planning to do her own makeup, here are some DIY tips for Indian bridal makeup that will help you look your best on your wedding day. If you are looking for the Best Makeup Studio in Ludhiana to learn makeup and hairstyle then you should definitely visit the Mehak Kawatra Makeup and Hair Studio.

Start with a clean face
Before you start applying makeup, make sure your face is clean and moisturized. This will ensure that your makeup goes on smoothly and stays put throughout the day. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt or oil from your skin, and then apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

Choose the right foundation
Choosing the right foundation is key to achieving a flawless base for your makeup. When selecting a foundation, make sure it matches your skin tone perfectly. You can also mix two shades to create a custom color that matches your skin tone. Apply the foundation evenly on your face and neck using a makeup sponge or brush.

Conceal dark circles and blemishes
Dark circles and blemishes can make you look tired and dull. Use a concealer to hide any dark circles or blemishes on your face. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone, and apply the concealer with a small brush or your fingertips.

Highlight your features
Highlighting your features can make them stand out and give you a radiant glow. Use a highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bone, and the bridge of your nose. This will make your face look contoured and give you a subtle glow. You can learn all about it at the Top Makeup Studio in Ludhiana.

Define your eyes
Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and they should be the focal point of your makeup. Use an eyeshadow palette that complements your outfit and skin tone. Apply a light shade on your eyelids, a medium shade on your crease, and a darker shade on the outer corner of your eyes. Finish off with a coat of mascara to give your lashes volume and length.

Add color to your cheeks
Blush can add a pop of color to your face and make you look fresh and youthful. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone and apply it to the apples of your cheeks using a blush brush.

Finish with a bold lip
A bold lip can add drama to your overall look. Choose a lip color that complements your outfit and skin tone. Apply the lipstick evenly on your lips, and then blot with a tissue to remove any excess.

In conclusion, doing your own makeup for your wedding day can be a daunting task, but with the right tips and techniques, you can achieve a stunning look. Remember to practice your makeup beforehand, and choose products that are long-lasting and waterproof. With these DIY tips for Indian bridal makeup, you’ll be able to look your best on your special day.

Make-Up, Magic & Marvel Mehak

Every individual is beautiful in their own unique way. However, the magic of a makeup expert can transform a shy damsel into a confident young woman, ready to take on the world. Gone are the days when make-up was just about putting on everything that’s on the dressing table!! Today due to Global exposure, make-up has advanced manifold and many techniques have sneaked in, Make-Up is now an art. An art that is perfected with passion, practice and an eye that knows nothing but flawless blends of palettes.

Mehak Kawatra, a pioneering young makeup artist with a purely majestic aura, is unstoppable, fierce and fantastic in her field. She is determined to make every woman look pretty, perfect and priceless empowering them with confidence for moments that matter. Every woman deserves a little extra dash of magic that helps her glow from inside-out. Mehak is a well-established Make-Up artist and has been reigning the beauty industry since 6 flawless years of perfection. Her vision is to reinstate every woman’s confidence through her make-up and hair artistry!! For her make-up is not her profession but what defines her and success to her isn’t just the greens and glamour but perfecting a look for every woman on her special day.

Every dream needs a perfectionist to nurture and bring out the best in those who dare to dream. Mehak’s first step to bringing her dreams to life was at London School of Make-Up where she mastered the art of creating a picture-perfect look for the right occasion. Confidence is key to a beautiful you and Mehak have always believed in inspiring young girls to embrace the same, as make-up is just what accentuates the look but confidence is what brightens up the whole persona.

Mehak as an individual is charismatic, inspiring, hard-working and a good listener. She believes, that until one doesn’t perceive carefully & cater to what the clients need, an artist isn’t a true artist. One needs to keep in mind client specifications and simultaneously follow one’s own work ethics. Strictly following which, Mehak has been well-known not just for her flawless work but her work ethics too. She values time, works diligently and believes in using only the best of the best & authentic products for her brides and other beauties.

Striving for success doesn’t come easy, it is all about putting in the time, determination and dedication. Mehak makes sure she is always well versed with the upcoming and most talked about trends. It doesn’t end there, she focuses on pioneering every look via hours of self-study, exploration, experimentation and feeding her curiosity with endless trials to achieve perfection in every look. Her sheer ability to harmonise diverse skills and creatively think out the box is what makes her special! She puts simplicity over superficiality and hence is an ace when it comes to High-Definition Bridal make-up, Bollywood Glam, Cut-crease Smokey eye make-up without having to add on extra layers.

Having aced the art of make-up and hair artistry, she has recently launched her own brand “GLAM-O-HOLIC” which offers an exclusive range of Professional Make-up Brushes and Hypnotic 3D-Mink Eyelashes. Mehak uses top of the craft products such as Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, NARS, KYLIE, Chanel, Tomford, Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills et all. And also, conducts workshops for enthusiastic individuals to nurture their creative minds and ideas. Further which, Mehak along with her team are also focused to venture out more with a make-up academy and a line of cosmetic products too! They are tirelessly working towards a purpose to contribute more to the fashion industry and secure an exceptional position for themselves in the industry.

Mehak is a dotting mother to a 6year old and a fabulous at what she does. She has been a hard-working young woman who within 6 years of her journey into turning every look in a seamless masterpiece, has bagged quite a few accolades and appreciation from the industry. Mehak has honoured with awards International Award Brand Icon Thailand, Wedding Mantra award for the celebrity make-up and hair artist. She has been awarded by top-notch celebrities of the Bollywood film industry, namely, Internation Quality Award by Kareena Kapoor Khan, International Excellence Award by Madhuri Dixit, Best Celebrity & Bridal Make-Up Artist of the year Award by Chitrangada Singh. It doesn’t end here!! Mehak has been an official promotional partner for Bollywood blockbusters like Veere Di Wedding & Gully boy, she has been on live make-up sets of Aate Di Chiri with Neeru Bajwa and shoots with actress Sonam Bajwa. That’s not all as well!! She had her Academy Inauguration and MK masterclass with Gauhar Khan and Ankita Sharma. She received an award for the Quality Eye Lashes and Professional Brushes for her own brand GLAM-O-HOLIC by Dia Mirza.

It isn’t the awards but the art of achieving excellence in her field, that has created a humongous fan following for Mehak Kawatra. She is a favourite among young ladies aspiring to be like her, her fan-base includes numerous celebrities and she herself today is a celebrity and is her own big fan! Mehak is a social media buff and has received love with a jaw-dropping number of 220K+ followers and counting by the day.

Mehak’s client diaries are all about glitter and galore with appreciations nationwide. Sargun Mehta, Jagdish Jewellers, Jaipur Diamonds, Rahul Kapoor, Janpath Estate etc are a testimony of her hard work to give a flawless natural look to all women. Mehak’s focus Versatility and Simplicity gave her an edge at catwalk, runways and prestige fashion shows of renowned designers. She beautifully accentuated the aura of garments with her flawless work of art on Lois for designers like Sabyasachi, Shantanu & Nikhil, Ritu Kumar, Ridhi Mehra, Gaurav Gupta and many more, giving her and exemplary push for Angelic Beautiful make-up.

Mehak Kawatra spearheaded the makeup industry from Ludhiana, Punjab and have made her mark all over India. She had big dreams, desired to achieve excellence, wished to create magic and she conquered it all!! Today she is the only make-up expert from Ludhiana who has journeyed this far with magic at her fingertips, stars in her eyes, loved ones by her side and straight into the prestigious pages of Forbes!

Kawatra: The best celebrity makeup artist in the north–the-best-celebrity-makeup-artist-in-the-north.html

Practice is the best teacher, or so goes the old adage. So when it comes to makeup, it’s natural to turn to celebrity makeup artists whose mastery over their craft can be credited to the countless hours they have spent perfecting their techniques on the most-watched faces of showbiz in their makeup chairs. In the past few years, we have seen the demand for makeup artists increasing. Social Media has given them the chance to choose the best amongst them. Amidst the competitive environment, the stylists leave no stone unturned to put their best foot forward.

One of the highly experienced names from the makeup industry, Mehak Kawatra has set her throne as the most trusted name among beauty enthusiasts. She has been trotting out the brushes and sponges for 10 years now. The highly skilled makeup artist known for giving flawless makeovers has built a strong clientele all over India. After learning from the London School of Makeup she has now weaved her magical touch on renowned celebrities. She has acted her jinx on Gauhar Khan, Himanshi Khurana, Sonam Bajwa, Neeru Bajwa, Sargun Mehta and Sana Khan.

She has been bestowed with a few awards from the industry. She has been awarded International Award Brand Icon Thailand, Wedding Mantra award for celebrity makeup and hair artist. She has received awards from the most distinguished celebrities like International Excellence Award by Madhuri Dixit, International Quality Award by Kareena Kapoor Khan and Best Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist of the year Award by Chitrangada Singh. She has been the official promotional partner for Bollywood hits like Veere Di Wedding and Gully Boy. She was with Anil Kapoor and his team for the inauguration of Malabar Jewellers in Ludhiana. And it doesn’t end here. She has also attended the bride and family members for Sargun Mehta’s Brother’s wedlock.

When raised a question about her further programs, Mehak elucidated that she seeks to work with several personalities. Gaping at her progressive record, it seems that budding artists will chase her goals. With passion in her heart, she will exceed at an unparalleled pace in her incredible career.

मेक अप के क्षेत्र में नाम रौशन कर रही हैं महक कवात्रा, इंस्टाग्राम पर 4 लाख फॉलोवर्स हैं

मेकअप करना हर किसी का शौक होता है. लड़कियां मेकअप को ज़्यादा तवज्जो देती हैं. कोई फेस्टिवल हो या फिर किसी की शादी, ऐसे समय में मेकअप बहुत ही ज़रूरी हो जाता है. देखा जाए तो मेकअप जॉब के क्षेत्र में एक बहुत बड़ा मौका है.

मेकअप करना हर किसी का शौक होता है. लड़कियां मेकअप को ज़्यादा तवज्जो देती हैं. कोई फेस्टिवल हो या फिर किसी की शादी, ऐसे समय में मेकअप बहुत ही ज़रूरी हो जाता है. देखा जाए तो मेकअप जॉब के क्षेत्र में एक बहुत बड़ा मौका है. खासतौर पर तब जब घर में किसी तरह का फंक्शन या पार्टी हो, इसके अलावा शादी और पार्टी जैसा कोई मौका हो. यूं तो कई मेकअप आर्टिस्ट हैं, जो मेहनत से अपनी मंजिल पा रही हैं. इन्हीं सबके बीच में महक कवात्रा का नाम बड़े ही शान से लिया जाता है. महक सोशल मीडिया पर भी बहुत ही ज़्यादा एक्टिव हैं.

मेकअप आर्टिस्ट को डिवाइनर माना जाता है, ऐसा इसलिए है क्योंकि वे न केवल सुविधाओं को बढ़ाते हैं बल्कि वे आपके व्यक्तित्व का पूरी तरह से बदल देते हैं. यूं तो कई लोग मेकअप की दुनिया में अपनी एक अलग पहचान बनाए हुए हैं, महक कवात्रा की बात ही कुछ और है. मेहक कवात्रा की सोशल मीडिया फैन बहुत ही ज़्यादा है. मेकअप के क्षेत्र में मेहक एक अलग पहचान बना रही हैं. अपनी मेहनत औऱ लगन से उन्होंने साबित कर दिया है कि सफलता किसी का मोहताज़ नहीं है. महक की पढ़ाई लंदन स्कूल ऑफ मेकअप से हुई है. यहीं से उन्होंने अपने करियर की शुरुआत की है.

महक कवात्रा पिछले 10 सालों से मेकअप इंडस्ट्री पर राज कर रही हैं. अपने कस्टमर के लिए वो विशेष तौर पर मेहनत करती हैं. मेकअप के क्षेत्र में बेतरीन काम के लिए उन्हें कई बार सम्मानित किया जा चुका है. उन्हें करीना कपूर खान, माधुरी दीक्षित, चित्रांगदा सिंह द्वारा द्वारा सम्मानित किया जा चुका है.

Mehak Kawatra: Reforming the Aesthetics

Mehak Kawatra is a perfect combination of trust and charm. She is full of individuality, stimulating, distinguished and compassionate. She is conscious of her client’s wants. She has existed, reigning over the makeup industry for ten years now. She repeatedly executes workshops and masterclasses to educate and cultivate skilful minds with impressions. The makeup enterprise is more than just an employment way; it’s a mastery to be accomplished with maximum fascination and perfection. Mehak Kawatra runs the no.1 IAO Certified Makeup and Hair Academy in Ludhiana, Punjab. It’s moreover certified by the Indian government. Her students are testimonies of her hard work and devotion.

She has been endowed to reach the zenith in HD Bridal, Bollywood Glam, Cut-Crease and Smokey Eyes without laying any external layers to the skin. She consistently strives to stimulate girls to be beautifully empowered without being gushing.

Her clientele tie-ups are full of spawning interests nationwide- Sargun Mehta’s, Phalguni Shane, Gaurav Gupta, Amit Aggarwal are confirmations of diligence. Her priority of Versatility with Simplicity has provided her with a perimeter at the catwalk and fashion shows. Her endeavour with Sabyasachi’s Brides, Shantanu & Nikhil, Ritu Kumar & Ridhi Mehra is descriptive of her spur for Ethereal makeup art.

She has been blessed enough to accept distinction from the most prominent celebrities, for instance, the International Excellence Award by Madhuri Dixit, the International Quality Award by Kareena Kapoor Khan and the Best Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist of the year Award by Chitrangada Singh. I have been the official promotional partner for Bollywood hits like Veere Di Wedding and Gully Boy. I’ve played my magical stroke on Gauhar Khan, Himanshi Khurana, Sonam Bajwa, Neeru Bajwa, Sargun Mehta and Sana Khan.